How to Prepare Your House for Sale


Staged Home

Now, that you’ve decided to sell, here are few things you need to do to attract buyers

Limit Your Furniture and  De-Clutter

To make things look nice, take out any old furniture and unsightly items. This will open up some space and the potential buyers will be able to easily visualize what they need see. Also, use this time to start downsizing and saving on moving and storage. Remove family photos and personal items. People like to imagine themselves living in the home they are considering purchasing.

If the property is vacant, you might want to consider “Staging” your house. To learn more about how to stage your house you can Google it. Also, you can hire a professional home stager.

Deep Clean

Make sure your house is spic-and-span and is rid of any odors. Invite over friend ask them if they can detect any odors that you might not notice.

  • Clean carpets and flooring, or if necessary replace them
  • Wash or dry-clean bed covers and draperies
  • Scrub the bathrooms top to bottom
  • Store old shoes in plastic boxes with lids
  • If you have pets, try to eliminated any odor by wash any bedding. If possible, move pet paraphernalia and litter boxes away from main living area

Be careful that the house does not reek of ammonia, bleach or strongly scented cleaners. Allow time to air out the house.

Avoid using scented air freshener sprays that only mask odors. They sometimes create unpleasant effects.

Studies show that one simple recognizable scents have been found to be most desirable to buyers such as citrus (orange, lemon) or of pine, basil, cedar, vanilla, or cinnamon. This is contrary to traditional beliefs about the complex scents of potpourri blends and baked cookies are better. The confused mind says ‘no’.

Touch Ups

If you have dirty walls, then you might want to paint them.  Bright-colored walls should be painted over with neutral colors such as off-white or cream. It’ll make your rooms seem bigger and be appealing. For even better results, use a different color for the base boards than the walls.  Remove the switch plates before you paint.

Get rid of any scratches or stains.

The Big 3—HVAC, Foundation and Roof

Find a home inspector.  Find one who can produce a report on your home’s current condition. Many companies will offer free in-home consultation.

Whether or not you choose to make the repairs, you should become familiar with your state’s regulations about seller disclosure.

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