Tenants, Toilets and Termites—What to do?



Many people become landlords accidentally.

This can occur when they inherit a home or have to move and cannot sell, ending up renting out a home.  Others get into the business deliberately, lured by promises of easy wealth on late-night infomercials.

All too often what results is a financial nightmare. It can becomes a prolonged series of bad situations. The landlord is plagued with more costs than profits. He gets calls on weekends and late nights from tenants who are moving out, want something fixed, or want to explain why they aren’t sending the rent as agreed.

Every time the house is vacant the landlord still has to pay the mortgage and other bills such as taxes, insurance and utilities.  But there is no income to offset the outgo.  To make matters worse, the landlord has to pay additional money to clean and paint the house to get it in decent shape to attract new tenants.

Better Place Florida helps people who own rental properties who are tired of the hassles of tenants, termites, and toilets.

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