How Our Lease Purchase Program Works

For many, the American Dream of home ownership seems like a distant reality. Though many people can afford a mortgage, very few people can walk into a bank and get a traditional mortgage due to tough banking restrictions. Better Place Florida offers those individuals an opportunity of homeownership through our custom-made Rent-To-Own programs. We are all too familiar with the challenges of working with banks (especially after the “mortgage meltdown”).


We help provide them with a bridge to their permanent financing. We match our clients with banks from day one, and devise a roadmap to get them to the point where they can qualify for a traditional mortgage. Every buyer receives an individualized, tailor-made plan that is based around their specific financial abilities.

It is our goal to help every client become a homeowner.

We sell homes using Rent-To-Own, Lease Purchase, or with Owner Financing. These are simple agreements where our buyers make monthly payments towards the purchase of their home, for a predetermined period of time and price. A down payment is required which is fully credited off of the purchase price at the time of financing.

We custom-make the terms and conditions to fit each individual buyer’s financial criteria and ability. We put together creative terms to set you up to ensure your success.

Even buyers with significant credit challenges can become credit qualified and mortgage ready within 24 months. If you have a reasonable down payment, regardless of your credit history, we can work with you to get you into a home of your own.

Benefits to the Seller

There are many benefits for a seller, the greatest of which are attitude and behavior. Other advantages are:

  • Above Market Income
  • Greatly reduced repair expense
  • Tax deferred income
  • Low turnover
  • Minimal management effort
  • Full retail sales price
  • Property improvements
  • Preset rent increases
  • No loss of ownership rights


Benefits to the Buyer

Major benefits in addition to the equity and security are:

  • Clean, functional home
  • Fixed monthly payment for a couple of years
  • Fixed credits for care of the home
  • Credit for all deposits
  • Credit counseling
  • Fixed sales price for a set time

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